Shop Heroes


Create the best fantasy shop in Aragonia


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Shop Heroes is an SRPG where you have to manage a fantasy shop. Your job here is not to kill monsters, but to sell the best weapons and armors to the adventurers who come into your shop.

In the beginning of the game, as usual, your shop is small and you don't have many workers; but as your sales grow, you can improve the service. You need to hire employees who can work with metal and wood, as well as jewels and magic books, as this is the only way to offer as many different items as possible to the adventurers.

In Shop Heroes, each customer requests something very particular, and if you don't have it or can't get it, he'll go somewhere else. Fortunately, the more items you create, the more new ones you can unlock. For instance, after creating a few knives, you can unlock the short sword.

Happy customers can do missions for you. Some of the special supplies that you need to create more expensive items can only be acquired with the help of the adventurers.

Shop Heroes is quite an original game, in the style of the great game Recettear; it offers a distinctive gaming experience for Android. The graphics are really amazing, too, with beautiful character designs and lovely animations.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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